Arrow of Light Ceremonial Script


Cubmaster: Our Arrow of Light Scouts have brought great honor to Pack _____ as they have climbed the Scouting trail together. They have worked hard on activity badges and have attained Cub Scouting’s highest award, the Arrow of Light. After earning the Arrow of Light, everyone knows that the Cub Scout is ready to become a Scout. The Arrow of Light is given in recognition of your accomplishments as you graduate from Cub Scouting.

Would the following Scouts and their parents please come forward: (Read names and as each comes forward, hand them their Arrow of Honor and shake hand. When they are all up front, read below)

Each one of you has an Arrow of Honor that has been given to you by the Pack. This arrow will help you to remember the fun and hard work you have had as a Cub Scout. (Read if the arrows are striped)
The colored bands honor your individual ranks and achievements. Dark Blue for Bobcat, Orange is for Tiger; Red for Wolf; Green for Bear, Blue for Webelos, Black for World Conservation, Gold for Outdoor Activity Award, Silver for Nova and Supernova, Gold for Emergency Preparedness, Brown for the Religious Award and the band of Yellow represents the Arrow of Light Award.

The parts of your arrow itself hold special significance.

The three feathers symbolize the family, the Pack leadership and the scout. We have all worked together to help you grow into a fine young person. May you always fly straight and true to the mark.

These feathers in turn are joined by the blue and gold crests of Cub Scouting.

The blue crest stands for faith and loyalty, as deep and as true as the vast expanse of the sky above us. May you always be faithful and loyal.

The gold crest stands for warmth and good cheer, like the golden rays of the sun. May you always be of good cheer.

The arrowhead represents courage and strength, like the stone from which it is crafted. May you always be courageous and strong.

The shaft of the arrow, fashioned from the hardest wood, stands for honesty and fairness. May you always be truthful, and straight as the arrow.

The lashing that holds the arrowhead to the shaft represents the friendship that has bound us together in scouting, and will bind us together in memory.

You who are now graduating from Cub Scouts have shown all the qualities represented by this arrow during your time in Pack _____: loyalty, faith, good cheer, courage, strength, honesty and friendship. May this arrow remind you to keep them always in your character, and keep us always in your memories.

It is now my pleasure to present your Arrow of Light Award. The Arrow of Light patch displays an American Indian sign for the sun and an arrow. The seven rays of the sun stand for each day of the week. They remind you to do your best everyday as you follow the arrow that leads to Scouting. The Arrow of Light award and the Religious Emblem are the only Cub Scout badges you can wear on your Scout BSA uniform. Your parent will pin your Arrow of Light Award on your uniform. (hand to the parent who pins on the Scout)

(Crossing the Bridge) - Tonight you are all leaving the Pack to enter Scouting BSA. I know you will find the even greater challenges and adventure there. As I call your name please walk over to me so that I may remove your Cub Scout neckerchief (and/or blue shoulder loops). You will then cross the bridge into Scouting BSA, to be welcomed by Scoutmaster _______of Troop ___. (Scouts cross the bridge with/without parent)

Scoutmaster: (Greets AOL Scout with a Scout handshake) As Scoutmaster of Troop ___ it is a pleasure to welcome you. We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting. I present you with this Scout BSA neckerchief (and/or green shoulder loops.) May you wear it with pride; its colors are those of Troop ___, which welcomes you as its newest member.

(After all have crossed the bridge)

Scoutmaster: Again, congratulations on your graduation from Cub Scouts. Please give all these fine young people a hand. (end)

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