Acorn Award Arrow of Light Adhesive Stripes and Painting Sets

Create a handsome, unique Arrow of Light award arrow with ranks and awards striped or painted right on.
(These are not included with the arrows and must be purchased separately)

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Arrow of Light vinyl stripes career bands and stripes
Arrow Adhesive Stripe Set

The quickest and easiest way to create a handsome, unique arrow with rank and award stripes. No paint mess or clean-up and each kit includes all 48 stripes - enough for even the highest achiever! Cubs can stripe their arrow (with a little help!) in just a few minutes. These are the premium quality vinyl stripes guaranteed to last a lifetime!
One Stripe Set stripes one arrow, comes with easy to follow instructions and is just $6.


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Cub Scout Arrow of Light painting and striping career bands
Arrow Painting Set

Create a handsome, unique arrow with ranks and awards painted right on. Each set includes painting instructions, graphic art tape and all the colors you need.  Cubs can paint their arrow (with your help!) in a Den meeting! No need to run around town, here is everything you need for $8. One set makes three arrows.

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